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Reading has always been a hugely important part of my life, though I never thought I’d be  on the author side of things.

I hope I can give readers the same experience I have enjoyed through the years while curled up with a good book!

Valerie loves her awesome family…and reading, writing, genealogy, and Hershey’s Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Toffee & Almond Nuggets (can the name be any longer?). She lives in Mesa, Arizona and writes Young Adult fiction and Christmas Romance…and now Children’s Picture books. She also creates book journals in honor of her mom Eileen (Book Love by ej journals), for those who like keeping track of what they read. All available on Amazon!

IDEAL HIGH is her debut novel

Valerie recently retired her freelancing gig but for over fifteen years she wrote human interest stories for a regional newspaper with the last who knows how many years writing a genealogy column called Family History Corner. She has 18 grandchildren with one on the way!